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Suicide 0001 - Dignity in death without assisted suicide

Suicide 0002 - Rangatahi release positive messages to combat suicide

Suicide 0003 - Why So Many Older, Single Women Are at Risk of Homelessness

Suicide 0004 - Nicole Kidman tears up over being an older mom: 'I would like to be here long enough to see them ...

Suicide 0005 - Bill Leak's Work Gets More Fucked, Uses LGBT Youth Suicide As A Punchline

Suicide 0006 - People need to know someone cares' - Mike King launches social media campaign for suicide ...

Suicide 0007 - It takes two to tango: discussing sexual health with older patients in primary care

Suicide 0008 - The ibobbly mobile health intervention for suicide prevention in Australian indigenous ...

Suicide 0009 - Genomes of healthy older Australians to accelerate medical research in NSW and beyond

Suicide 0010 - Rabbis oppose assisted suicide legislation

Suicide 0011 - Facebook And Headspace Join Forces To Combat Youth Suicide

Suicide 0012 - Helping farming communities deal with suicide and mental health

Suicide 0013 - Men more suicide but prevention methods favour women

Suicide 0014 - Understanding the Hidden Suicide Problem Among Women in Medicine

Suicide 0015 - Suicide doctor out to advance 'militant pro-euthanasia position' with new organization

Suicide 0016 - To Australia's shame, some of our towns and communities have 600 times the national suicide rate

Suicide 0017 - Hundreds rally for antibullying program in Australian schools following suicide

Suicide 0018 - Sex and ageing: Older people tell us what they really think

Suicide 0019 - Keeping Older Workers Engaged Means Fighting Age Stereotypes

Suicide 0020 - Gay Brisbane schoolboy shared bullying torment with friend day before suicide

Suicide 0021 - Australians now get married older, stay married longer

Suicide 0022 - Aussie youth suicide rate highest in 10 years

Suicide 0023 - Online Technologies Provide Support for Youth Suicide Prevention

Suicide 0024 - Meteorite 'older than Earth' recovered

Suicide 0025 - Millennials should start paying their dues instead of blaming older Australians

Suicide 0026 - First comprehensive picture of defence suicides to emerge

Suicide 0027 - Australian musician pens song to honour young LGBT suicide victim

Suicide 0028 - Australian Medical Association stance on euthanasia reinforces need to reject assisted suicide ...

Suicide 0029 - NSW suicide rate at 19-year high as road deaths decline

Suicide 0030 - WA community touched by Indigenous suicide

Suicide 0031 - The WA region where everyone has been touched by Indigenous suicide

Suicide 0032 - Actor Jack Thompson Lends His Voice To Male Suicide Prevention

Suicide 0033 - How to harness the capabilities of an older workforce

Suicide 0034 - New Zealand's suicide toll highlights social crisis

Suicide 0035 - Smoking Marijuana Accelerates Aging, Making Heart 11 Percent Older Than Normal

Suicide 0036 - Is it true that older people were promised a pension for life?

Suicide 0037 - Jeff Kennett: declare war on suicide by military veterans

Suicide 0038 - Important data on suicide in New Zealand released

Suicide 0039 - Family from remote WA town travel to Canberra for launch of suicide report

Suicide 0040 - In the Day After the Election, Suicide Prevention Hotlines Received a Higher Number of Calls

Suicide 0041 - Emotional Pat Dodson calls for action to stop devastating rate of Indigenous suicide

Suicide 0042 - Report identifies need for change in Indigenous suicide prevention

Suicide 0043 - Who'd believe Australian towns and communities at 600 times the national suicide rate?

Suicide 0044 - Sister of suicide victim launches mental health group

Suicide 0045 - Step in the right direction to cut road toll among older pedestrians

Suicide 0046 - No Benefit for Screening All Older Men for Abdominal Aneurysms

Suicide 0047 - We have got the message wrong on suicide

Suicide 0048 - The dark reality of male suicide

Suicide 0049 - Why former Australian spinner Brad Hogg wanted to commit suicide

Suicide 0050 - Older Australians exercising more than ever before

Suicide 0051 - Former King's School students tell inquiry of sexual abuse by older boys

Suicide 0052 - Horrific sight explains why Aussie farmers are being driven to suicide

Suicide 0053 - Is It Actually Harder To Learn A Language When You're Older?

Suicide 0054 - Some Nauru Island Detainees See Suicide as the Only Way Out

Suicide 0055 - Provisional statistics show increasing number of suicide deaths in NZ

Suicide 0056 - Chief Coroner releases provisional annual suicide figures for the 2015/16 year

Suicide 0057 - Wahine Maori suicides increasing

Suicide 0058 - More resources needed to curb high M?ori suicide rates

Suicide 0059 - Australian Rock Formation May Prove Older Than Stonehenge And The Pyramids

Suicide 0060 - Australia's Wurdi Youang may be older than Stonehenge

Suicide 0061 - Indigenous suicide linked to bigger picture issues, psychologist says

Suicide 0062 - Kimberley suicide rates: government urged to support Indigenous-led solutions

Suicide 0063 - The tireless volunteers preventing suicide in Australia

Suicide 0064 - The silent crisis of homeless older women

Suicide 0065 - How three suicide survivors turned their lives around

Suicide 0066 - Arts workers 'twice as likely' to attempt suicide

Suicide 0067 - Tackling suicide requires money, not hand-wringing

Suicide 0068 - Can older adults with dementia continue to drive? More study is needed American Geriatrics Society

Suicide 0069 - Living with 'the suicide disease'

Suicide 0070 - Is suicide one of the leading causes of maternal death in Australia?

Suicide 0071 - Queensland has highest rate of suicide in Australia

Suicide 0072 - Gus Worland documentary Man Up tackles the crisis in male suicide rates

Suicide 0073 - Just Suicide Prevention advocate Catherine McAlpine horrified by ABS suicide statistics

Suicide 0074 - Calls for national suicide summit

Suicide 0075 - Call to tackle housing affordability as number of older homeless women rises

Suicide 0076 - Lifeline concerned of rise in suicide

Suicide 0077 - Anti-smoking pill the focus of inquest after numerous suicides

Suicide 0078 - Suicide rate in Australia reaches 10-year high

Suicide 0079 - Australia's suicide rate the highest in 10 years

Suicide 0080 - Number of suicides rises in Canberra

Suicide 0081 - Warning on Surge of Older Women Becoming Homeless

Suicide 0082 - Children removed from families are at highest risk to suicide

Suicide 0083 - New report shows half a million older Australians are living below the poverty line

Suicide 0084 - World Suicide Prevention Day Wrap Up

Suicide 0085 - What It's Like When A Family Member Attempts Suicide

Suicide 0086 - With a new film, Ivan Sen wants to draw attention to Indigenous youth suicide

Suicide 0087 - Female doctors and nurses at least three times more likely to commit suicide: study

Suicide 0088 - Female health professionals at a greater risk of suicide

Suicide 0089 - I learnt a lot about suicide the day my father died

Suicide 0090 - The women taking on Australia's global suicide capital

Suicide 0091 - Vain social media campaigns won't improve suicide rates ? we need to listen

Suicide 0092 - The suicide rate in Australia is a humanitarian crisis that we can no longer ignore

Suicide 0093 - Older peoples' unmet needs result in lower quality of life

Suicide 0094 - Funding for rangatahi suicide initiatives

Suicide 0095 - Australian Charity Tackles Suicide Awareness With Heart Touching Video

Suicide 0096 - Each suicide shatters 135: research

Suicide 0097 - Plans to further lift pension age 'terrifying' for some older unemployed people

Suicide 0098 - Coast elderly most at risk of suicide

Suicide 0099 - Changing The Conversation Around Suicide

Suicide 0100 - Suicide rate for young Indigenous men highest in world, Australian report finds

Suicide 0101 - Tasmania's youth suicide rate highest in the country, prompting calls for better targeted services

Suicide 0102 - Australia military suicide rates soar as traumatised soldiers neglected by government

Suicide 0103 - Older Workers Are Actually More Comfortable With Technology

Suicide 0104 - Indigenous suicide epidemic must end

Suicide 0105 - Suicide of 15 year old Aboriginal boy in Don Dale a result of NT punitive culture

Suicide 0106 - A New Prevention Program Uses Nine Strategies To Reduce Suicide Rates

Suicide 0107 - Australia's chlamydia problem is way older than Tinder, health experts say

Suicide 0108 - Military chaplains in fight against forces' suicides

Suicide 0109 - Online census could pose a challenge for older Australians

Suicide 0110 - Action wanted over high M?ori youth suicide rates

Suicide 0111 - Best way to tackle suicide rates is to be honest about our own mental health: Suicide Prevention ...

Suicide 0112 - Indigenous organisations push for royal commission into suicide rates

Suicide 0113 - Youths urged to reach out for help as suicide rates reach 13 year high

Suicide 0114 - MH370 pilot's home simulator data not evidence of murder?suicide, says Australian Government

Suicide 0115 - South Australian farmer overcomes own tragedy to help reduce stigma around suicide

Suicide 0116 - Indigenous suicide is a humanitarian crisis. We need a royal commission

Suicide 0117 - Youth suicide rate demands urgent action ACT conference told

Suicide 0118 - Why Aboriginal moms are more likely to die from homicide or suicide

Suicide 0119 - In their 50s and older and they love martial arts

Suicide 0120 - Campaign to reduce suicide rates

Suicide 0121 - Tablets best shopping device for 55 and older

Suicide 0122 - Call for more services and professionals to combat suicide in regional Australia

Suicide 0123 - West Coast residents 'sick of burying people' after suspected suicides

Suicide 0124 - Health service calls for royal commission into Indigenous suicide rates

Suicide 0125 - Indigenous suicide: Thousands call for royal commission, prevention measures

Suicide 0126 - As Suicide Rates Hit a Ten-Year High, is There Anything Australia Can Do?

Suicide 0127 - West Australians less likely to ask for help despite high suicide rates

Suicide 0128 - Older workers need more support, Council On The Ageing says

Suicide 0129 - A country boy's story about coming out: self-harm, suicide and Safe Schools

Suicide 0130 - The suicide prevention space is immature and inauthentic

Suicide 0131 - Age discrimination commissioner calls out prejudice against older Australians

Suicide 0132 - Brexit: victory for older voters but disaster for economy

Suicide 0133 - Australian region's indigenous suicide rates worst in world

Suicide 0134 - Indigenous suicide rates in Kimberley seven times higher than other Australians

Suicide 0135 - The rate of all suicides and homicides in Australia has declined since the gun buyback

Suicide 0136 - Native title holders should have veto rights, says Richie Ah Mat

Suicide 0137 - Labor will target 50% reduction in Suicides

Suicide 0138 - Suicide rates the highest for LGBTI community

Suicide 0139 - What do older voters want?

Suicide 0140 - Australia's increasing suicide rate linked to social crisis

Suicide 0141 - New political party represents older New Zealanders

Suicide 0142 - Time To Change The Trend On Suicide

Suicide 0143 - Restoring indigenous languages key to preventing youth suicides, Trudeau says

Suicide 0144 - Migrant suicides ? ?before it's too late?

Suicide 0145 - Indigenous solutions sought on suicide

Suicide 0146 - Indigenous solutions sought to combat suicide

Suicide 0147 - Families who've lost children to suicide say they've been let down by the system

Suicide 0148 - Local suicide deaths double road toll: study

Suicide 0149 - Older women will feel the pain from the latest super changes

Suicide 0150 - A qualitative study of employment discrimination against older Australians

Suicide 0151 - Call for candidates to address nation's rising suicide rate

Suicide 0152 - Suicide the tragic issue missing from Australia's national agenda

Suicide 0153 - Australia needs older people to keep on working

Suicide 0154 - Hiring older workers can help grow your business

Suicide 0155 - No kidding: parents of infants more likely than those of older children to take overseas holidays

Suicide 0156 - Federal election 2016: suicide warning over late NDIS 'bungling'

Suicide 0157 - Suicide risk greater in SA's South East following loss of funding for mental health program

Suicide 0158 - Tom tackles suicide rate in young Aboriginal men

Suicide 0159 - Why You Should Be Wary Of Suicide Prevention Apps

Suicide 0160 - Helping Older Women at Risk of Poverty

Suicide 0161 - Successful rural suicide prevention program informs new initiative tailored to Indigenous needs

Suicide 0162 - Indigenous suicide part of wider problem

Suicide 0163 - Indigenous suicide rates climb as governments 'drag the chain' on handing over control

Suicide 0164 - Suicide causing constant indigenous grief

Suicide 0165 - Australia's First Openly Gay Imam Speaks About LGBT Acceptance, Almost Committing Suicide ...

Suicide 0166 - No data exists on suicide among gay and trans Indigenous Australians

Suicide 0167 - Older Australians are the solution, not the problem

Suicide 0168 - Innovation in aged care: alternative options give older Australians autonomy and happiness

Suicide 0169 - Call for more M?ori involvement in suicide support services

Suicide 0170 - A community's journey to find an answer to suicide

Suicide 0171 - Young Gay and Bisexual Men are 6 Times More Likely to Commit Suicide

Suicide 0172 - Increasing suicide rate in Australia highlights social crisis

Suicide 0173 - Studies Show Austerity Policies Exacerbate US Suicide Epidemic

Suicide 0174 - Older people subject to 'abuse, violence and manipulation'

Suicide 0175 - Older staff to face technical challenges

Suicide 0176 - Getting older? Why less is more when it comes to alcohol

Suicide 0177 - Anzac Day highlights increase in soldier suicides

Suicide 0178 - Companies that use older workers are the most innovative: new research

Suicide 0179 - UNE fundraiser hopes to turn page on suicide

Suicide 0180 - Older and Casual Workers at Risk of Redundancies

Suicide 0181 - Australia facing the same suicide crisis as Canada's native communities, says mental health expert

Suicide 0182 - Suicide rates need a community approach

Suicide 0183 - Young people missing out on jobs to older workers and migrants: study

Suicide 0184 - Older boozers overtaking teens

Suicide 0185 - Older workers more likely to lose jobs in manufacturing decline

Suicide 0186 - Supporting Suicide Prevention

Suicide 0187 - Mums' excessive drinking linked to suicides in remote communities

Suicide 0188 - Australia's Indigenous youth suicide crisis

Suicide 0189 - Suicide Squad May Be Doing Reshoots To Add More Humour

Suicide 0190 - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders call for a royal commission into the suicides ? Kunoth ...

Suicide 0191 - Study: Indonesia "hobbit" fossils older than first thought

Suicide 0192 - Alarming rise in suicides; new approach needed

Suicide 0193 - Shocking suicide prompts inquiry

Suicide 0194 - Why a royal commission into the high rate of suicide must happen ? and soon

Suicide 0195 - The Older You Are, The More Chance You Believe In God

Suicide 0196 - The people behind the voices on Lifeline, Australia's suicide crisis line

Suicide 0197 - How can we reduce the number of military and ex-military suicides in Australia?

Suicide 0198 - Is grandparenting becoming a trap for older women?

Suicide 0199 - Momentum building for a Royal Commission in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander suicides

Suicide 0200 - Tragic suicide of 10-year-old Aboriginal girl

Suicide 0201 - What do we do now that suicide rates among young women are on the rise?

Suicide 0202 - Tasmania urged to set suicide prevention target after Premier's taunt

Suicide 0203 - Aboriginal campaigner and suicide survivor shines light on mental health issues

Suicide 0204 - Older women still facing significant issues in housing, employment: commissioner

Suicide 0205 - What helped them live?' Stories of suicide attempt survivors could be key to prevention

Suicide 0206 - More mental health services needed' to prevent child suicides

Suicide 0207 - suicide prompts second inquest

Suicide 0208 - Age apartheid' thrives as Gov's older worker policy fails

Suicide 0209 - Young women and middle-aged Australians drive rise in national suicide rate

Suicide 0210 - Hard times: the suicide scourge among tradies

Suicide 0211 - UN warning over sedatives for older people

Suicide 0212 - WA government announces $2.5 million fund to build suicide prevention skills

Suicide 0213 - Older Australians spending less time in aged care homes

Suicide 0214 - National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention Conference ? Black led, Black ...

Suicide 0215 - Facebook's suicide prevention tool now in Britain

Suicide 0216 - Fighting suicide in our farming communities

Suicide 0217 - Touchpads and card groups reduce social isolation in older Australians

Suicide 0218 - Assisted suicide and loved ones: readers have their say

Suicide 0219 - Support for older people and families to resolve conflict

Suicide 0220 - Children who fear return to Nauru have attempted suicide, say paediatricians

Suicide 0221 - NSW public hospitals record rise in medication errors, surgical errors, inpatient suicides

Suicide 0222 - BenoŒt Violier's apparent suicide highlights pressures on top chefs

Suicide 0223 - Suicide Squad' Real-Life Harley Quinn Cries Like Crazy Over a Bat; Find Out Why Here

Suicide 0224 - Common antidepressant 'could put children at greater risk of suicide'

Suicide 0225 - Older Workers Ask: Where's My Flexible Retirement?

Suicide 0226 - Suicide of nephew will never leave Aboriginal elder Trevor Donaldson, who wants safe house

Suicide 0227 - Doodle in eye of beholders

Suicide 0228 - Scientists uncover older-than-Earth meteorite; world-class technologies part of Australia's ...

Suicide 0229 - Indigenous suicide prevention program launched in WA

Suicide 0230 - Critical response team to tackle 'ongoing tragedy' of Indigenous suicide

Suicide 0231 - Critical response program to tackle high WA Indigenous suicide rate

Suicide 0232 - $1m program to curb indigenous suicide

Suicide 0233 - Why we need to talk about suicide

Suicide 0234 - No, Goldie Taylor, Gun Control Won't Reduce Suicide

Suicide 0235 - Suicides and 'Shorter, Bleaker' Lives Plague Indigenous Groups Around the World

Suicide 0236 - This Newly Discovered Meteorite Is Literally 'Older Than Earth'

Suicide 0237 - Meteorite older than earth found in outback Australia

Suicide 0238 - Indigenous suicide: Prevention efforts need to be more upriver; strengthening capacity and ...

Suicide 0239 - Suicide adds to woes of indigenous people