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Elderly 0001 - UK in 2030: older, more unequal and blighted by Brexit, report predicts

Elderly 0002 - Charity needs your help to combat loneliness among elderly people

Elderly 0003 - Millennials are twice as likely as the elderly to have a lonely Christmas

Elderly 0004 - Millennials are 'more lonely' than older generations

Elderly 0005 - Troye Sivan couldn't relate to George Michael or Ricky Martin because they were “so much older”

Elderly 0006 - Loneliness could be a killer for the elderly so do all you can to visit

Elderly 0007 - Why small changes may mean your elderly relative is struggling this Christmas

Elderly 0008 - The wrong older people are volunteering finds study

Elderly 0009 - This video shows the lonely reality for many older people at Christmas _ but you can help

Elderly 0010 - Thousands of older people missing out on a carer's allowance

Elderly 0011 - Scheme to reduce loneliness among the elderly this Christmas in Dorset.

Elderly 0012 - Age UK calls for action on scams targeting older people

Elderly 0013 - All these small businesses are giving free meals to the elderly or homeless on Christmas day

Elderly 0014 - Research finds that older people's sexual problems are being dismissed

Elderly 0015 - Housing investment must provide for the elderly to solve the crisis

Elderly 0016 - China care home rewards visits to elderly parents

Elderly 0017 - Help combat loneliness among elderly people, councils told

Elderly 0018 - Lonely older people most miss having someone to sit with, report says

Elderly 0019 - Help older people to keep well and warm this winter

Elderly 0020 - A study says supermarkets can help older people fight loneliness by creating “slow lanes”

Elderly 0021 - AGE UK on a mission to end loneliness for older people

Elderly 0022 - Four in five UK councils struggle to provide older people's care

Elderly 0023 - Research provides new insight into possible causes of AMD among older people

Elderly 0024 - Why elderly people DON'T like to be beside the seaside: Average age of a homebuyer in British ...

Elderly 0025 - Wounds take longer to heal in older people because of a breakdown in communication, study finds

Elderly 0026 - More need, less money: how older people are missing out on the care they need

Elderly 0027 - How drinking beetroot juice can make you run faster, help the elderly climb the stairs

Elderly 0028 - Older people happy in Glasgow, survey finds

Elderly 0029 - Teenagers and elderly people enjoy tea party

Elderly 0030 - Is a carer stealing from your elderly relative?

Elderly 0031 - New research reveals that three quarters of over 45s are not putting money aside for elderly care

Elderly 0032 - Cycle Boom study concludes UK infrastructure discouraging older cyclists

Elderly 0033 - Most Older People Have Bought Products Online

Elderly 0034 - Six shocking facts about the state of elderly care in the UK

Elderly 0035 - Elderly couple who have been inseparable for 70 years left heartbroken after social services forces ...

Elderly 0036 - Ending the stigma of mental health problems in older ...

Elderly 0037 - Older tenants who fall victim to slum landlords

Elderly 0038 - The UK isn't doing enough to support older cyclists, says new study

Elderly 0039 - To keep older people active, pedestrian accessibility must improve

Elderly 0040 - Prince's Trust youngsters refurbish Nelson centre for elderly

Elderly 0041 - Meet the prison care team who look after older inmates

Elderly 0042 - Can You Help Prevent Needless Falls Of Older People?

Elderly 0043 - Older people who pay way their own way in care homes struggling to get a

Elderly 0044 - Exercise may help ward off memory decline in older people, study suggests

Elderly 0045 - How 600 elderly patients fall every day in hospitals because of poor care

Elderly 0046 - Elderly Britons forced to quit work because of 'inflexible' businesses, government's new older ...

Elderly 0047 - Hero resident at Old Colwyn mental health care home rescues elderly lady with dementia

Elderly 0048 - Lack of NHS talking therapies failing older people with mental health issues, Age UK

Elderly 0049 - Care for elderly and dementia patients in 'dire straits', says charity boss

Elderly 0050 - Mental health services failing older people

Elderly 0051 - We will help your lonely older neighbour says charity

Elderly 0052 - 9% of older people in Causeway Coast and Glens council area experiencing financial abuse

Elderly 0053 - Ageing Studies take part in event to help celebratd International Older People's Day

Elderly 0054 - Changing the face of care for the elderly

Elderly 0055 - Government to appoint 'older workers tsar' tasked with keeping workers over 50 in their jobs

Elderly 0056 - Charity in care home appeal to prevent elderly from having to give up their pets

Elderly 0057 - We had no choice': number of elderly filial carers on the rise in UK

Elderly 0058 - Elderly couple 'extremely distressed' after discovering gang ransacking their home in daylight ...

Elderly 0059 - Older people and their carers deserve better support

Elderly 0060 - Most over_30s 'have heart health of an older person' leaving them at risk of heart attack and stroke

Elderly 0061 - UK well behind other European countries in encouraging older people to cycle, study finds

Elderly 0062 - McDonald's employee helps an elderly man cross the road in London

Elderly 0063 - Fragmented system is failing older people, say experts

Elderly 0064 - Most people's hearts are older than their years, study reveals

Elderly 0065 - Older Scots urged to Get Moving in new Age Scotland campaign

Elderly 0066 - Brexit could trigger crisis in care for older and disabled people

Elderly 0067 - While Stormont is spending, the needy elderly wait for care

Elderly 0068 - Brexit puts social care for the elderly in jeopardy as 80000 could lose jobs

Elderly 0069 - Older workers show the future of retirement is changing

Elderly 0070 - The Growing Number Of Older People Being Treated For Alcohol Dependence Is All Over Us Like ...

Elderly 0071 - Older people at risk

Elderly 0072 - Sex crimes against the elderly _ are they being ignored?

Elderly 0073 - Bold stories of older Australians

Elderly 0074 - Carer dances with elderly mum to cheer her up _ video sparks family reunion after 70 years

Elderly 0075 - Here's what happened when I asked older people to explain teenager slang

Elderly 0076 - Holy See urges UN to strengthen rights of older people amid 'increasing discrimination'

Elderly 0077 - Elderly are bearing the brunt of social care costs, new report finds

Elderly 0078 - The secret of 'super_agers' revealed: Elderly who retain their memory have brains that look ...

Elderly 0079 - Older people underrepresented in film, new survey finds

Elderly 0080 - Is the Older People's Shared Ownership Scheme all that it seems? We investigate

Elderly 0081 - Are older people safe enough to keep driving?

Elderly 0082 - Study dispels 'myth' that elderly are dangerous drivers

Elderly 0083 - How to cope financially with looking after the children, your elderly parents and work at the same time

Elderly 0084 - More elderly falling prey to 'silent killer' carbon monoxide

Elderly 0085 - Elderly drivers not more dangerous than younger motorists, study claims

Elderly 0086 - Older workers are vital for the future of the economy' say UK's leading businesses

Elderly 0087 - Older men enjoying frequent sex have increased risk of heart problems

Elderly 0088 - Survey suggests older people would support ban on veil, whilst 40% of young are against any ban

Elderly 0089 - Pensioner prisons' could house soaring number of elderly inmates

Elderly 0090 - Older people 'are happier than people in their 20s and 30s'

Elderly 0091 - Prisons face influx of older inmates, official projections suggest

Elderly 0092 - The Church must stop turning its back on older people who have religious vocations

Elderly 0093 - Culture change in care of older people at BGH

Elderly 0094 - Helping Elderly Dementia Sufferers find Peace of Mind

Elderly 0095 - Why Older People Shouldn't Vote_and Other Ideas Unpopular With My Parents

Elderly 0096 - Young people are wrongly targeting their anger against the older generation

Elderly 0097 - Helping older people stay cool this summer

Elderly 0098 - U.K. Degree_Holders Found To Have Low Earnings 10 Years After Graduation

Elderly 0099 - Elderly man with Alzheimer's becomes carpool karaoke sensation

Elderly 0100 - 130000 older people have suffered financial abuse from a relative or someone they know

Elderly 0101 - Older people at risk of financial abuse, warns Age UK

Elderly 0102 - Volunteering helps the mental health of older people but not the young, study finds

Elderly 0103 - We need to protect young people and the welfare of older people too

Elderly 0104 - Elderly Japanese emperor tells public may become hard to fully carry out duties

Elderly 0105 - Befriending service which acts as a lifeline for the lonely and elderly faces axe due to funding cuts

Elderly 0106 - Could acupuncture stave off dementia? Needle treatment may help elderly people retain their ...

Elderly 0107 - Helping frail older people could be key to bringing down 999 calls, say scientists

Elderly 0108 - Older people need the chance to work for longer

Elderly 0109 - Stressing about money makes you look older

Elderly 0110 - Older people should lose right to a guaranteed state pension that rises every year

Elderly 0111 - Bastille Day killer's elderly gay lover wants to 'spit on the grave' of murderer

Elderly 0112 - Warning issued about the dangers of dehydration as the number of elderly people admitted to ...

Elderly 0113 - Older people still enjoy healthy sex life after 50

Elderly 0114 - Statement to set out skills expected for social work with older people

Elderly 0115 - Older people more unhappy about lack of sex than being housebound

Elderly 0116 - Marriage satisfaction in elderly couples linked to drinking habits

Elderly 0117 - Health and social care are major issues for the elderly, says new research

Elderly 0118 - Millions of older homeowners 'not helping themselves live independently'

Elderly 0119 - Build more housing suitable for older people, government told

Elderly 0120 - UK weather: Elderly at risk as 'deadly' heatwave set to bring temperatures of 34C

Elderly 0121 - Now the elderly are the new boomerang generation

Elderly 0122 - Poor health and social integration denies elderly of personalised and effective care

Elderly 0123 - Elderly couple found holding hands for 5000 YEARS in Bronze Age mystery

Elderly 0124 - The world's most elderly countries

Elderly 0125 - Millions of older people 'putting off difficult conversations'

Elderly 0126 - One in 10 older people take handouts from their family and friends to get by, finds LV

Elderly 0127 - Elderly people are suffering 'ageist abuse' in the wake of the vote to leave the European Union

Elderly 0128 - Hospital at Home' Is Effective Alternative for Elderly Lung Disease Patients in UK, Research Indicates

Elderly 0129 - Ageist backlash in the wake of Brexit a disgrace...elderly have as much right to a vote as anyone else

Elderly 0130 - Scrap t_junctions because elderly motorists struggle with them, report says

Elderly 0131 - Young 'Screwed By Older Generations' As Polls Suggest 75% Backed ...

Elderly 0132 - Cambridge students' invent sensor system to help older people stay independent

Elderly 0133 - Delay in dementia diagnosis puts older people's health at risk, warns study

Elderly 0134 - Half A Million Older Men Are Lonely And It's Harming Their Health, Charity Warns

Elderly 0135 - Charity issues warning over alarming rise in older men suffering from loneliness

Elderly 0136 - Link between cholesterol and heart disease in older people called into question

Elderly 0137 - People caring for older, disabled or ill family members need more support to reduce negative

Elderly 0138 - Kingston's elderly 'becoming unpaid carers' after 50% funding cuts

Elderly 0139 - Older people living with loneliness as 'fear and taboo' prevents them from seeking help

Elderly 0140 - Young people, leave older people to decide the EU referendum for you at your own peril

Elderly 0141 - Older people 'suffering in silence over loneliness'

Elderly 0142 - Arthritis is not just for the elderly', says Addenbrooke's consultant

Elderly 0143 - Unsafe hospital discharge of older patients 'getting worse'

Elderly 0144 - Older people with high fibre intake less likely to suffer dementia and diabetes

Elderly 0145 - Why older people take fewer risks

Elderly 0146 - What is the law on elderly drivers?

Elderly 0147 - Worcestershire residents urged to help stop abuse of the elderly

Elderly 0148 - Closing high street chemists will 'put elderly and vulnerable at risk', warn charities

Elderly 0149 - Making a Change: How Technology Is Helping the Elderly Population in the UK

Elderly 0150 - Why is it more difficult than ever for older people to leave hospital?

Elderly 0151 - Do British accents become unintelligible to Americans as they get older?

Elderly 0152 - Brexit would put pensions at risk David Cameron warns older voters

Elderly 0153 - Many older people staying at work 'because they want to'

Elderly 0154 - Home Sharing Provides an Innovative Way to Combat Loneliness Among the Elderly

Elderly 0155 - Elderly in poverty 'being betrayed', says Christian expert

Elderly 0156 - Welsh older people's commissioner responds to poverty report

Elderly 0157 - Report warns of wealth gap between older and younger pensioners

Elderly 0158 - Silent generation' of older pensioners are living in poverty

Elderly 0159 - Elderly patients sent home to die as watchdog highlights failures in NHS discharge system

Elderly 0160 - 'How can I get help if I can't leave the room?': older people left out in a crisis

Elderly 0161 - Reduction in banks causing problems for elderly

Elderly 0162 - Gay, elderly and ethnic minority deathbed patients suffer prejudice and neglect in British hospitals

Elderly 0163 - Older women more likely to be prescribed wrong drugs than men, new study finds

Elderly 0164 - Elderly and sick are stripped of dignity by cuts

Elderly 0165 - Banks 'must support elderly'

Elderly 0166 - Six things to change in community healthcare for older people

Elderly 0167 - Depression can be contagious for the elderly, Yale School of Public Health says

Elderly 0168 - The science of sexuality: From having older brothers to certain genes, experts study what really ...

Elderly 0169 - Older people struggle to smell through their mouth, scientists find

Elderly 0170 - Biggest rise in older people seeking help for drug and alcohol use rises in Ealing

Elderly 0171 - Time really DOES go more quickly as we get older

Elderly 0172 - Elderly put at risk as care homes shut in cash crisis

Elderly 0173 - Llangefni flats built for elderly could be used to alleviate 'housing crisis'

Elderly 0174 - Decline in violent crime ends as attacks against older people rise

Elderly 0175 - Do we need mandatory retesting for older drivers?

Elderly 0176 - Murder of older women is more of a problem than you think

Elderly 0177 - Stroud care home launches guide to help the elderly stay healthy

Elderly 0178 - Vitamin C could reduce cataract progression in older people

Elderly 0179 - Candidates may suffer ageism by showing 'older' characteristics

Elderly 0180 - Food fragrance plug_in stimulates appetite and reduces malnutrition in older people

Elderly 0181 - Study provides insight into how health services for older people are carried out

Elderly 0182 - More care needed for elderly suffering with chronic loneliness

Elderly 0183 - More than 800 elderly people go missing in Yorkshire in a year

Elderly 0184 - When Older People Do Better Than Those of Working Age

Elderly 0185 - Homeshare Opens New Doors to Independent Living for Older People

Elderly 0186 - Inspirational figures including the Queen are helping the elderly feel 20 YEARS younger

Elderly 0187 - National dance agency partners with creative ageing charity to bring dance to older people

Elderly 0188 - Care services putting older people at risk, damning report reveals

Elderly 0189 - Initiative to offer older people a seat

Elderly 0190 - Advice booklet launched to help prevent malnutrition and dehydration in older people

Elderly 0191 - Older people can HALVE risk of dementia by gardening, dancing or going for brisk walks

Elderly 0192 - Study Reveals Alarming Stats Around Elderly Support in the UK

Elderly 0193 - Older people living alone at risk of malnutrition because they can't use kitchen safely

Elderly 0194 - Laws require all UK dogs eight weeks or older to have the chip implanted

Elderly 0195 - Development aims to bring the elderly and students together

Elderly 0196 - Older people's services in Argyll and Bute are only 'adequate', says new report

Elderly 0197 - Elderly who use a computer once a week 'could reduce dementia risk'

Elderly 0198 - In or Out? The housing needs of older LGBT people in Birmingham

Elderly 0199 - Elderly will be hit by 'bungalow sell_off plan', foundation warns

Elderly 0200 - Malnutrition is a neglected issue in elderly care: UK report

Elderly 0201 - Older people feel 'more serene' than younger adults _ study

Elderly 0202 - Number of elderly people suffering from two or more chronic illnesses is rising

Elderly 0203 - Older people are 'happier in their late 60s'

Elderly 0204 - Number of older people in work rises by more than 2000

Elderly 0205 - Older people with autism can depend on social care, so appropriate training is vital

Elderly 0206 - Fury over Leeds older people's housing complex that was crawling with tiny bedbugs

Elderly 0207 - A million older drivers 'refuse to admit they are a danger behind the wheel'

Elderly 0208 - How can cities be improved for older people? Share your experiences

Elderly 0209 - Have SEX to ward off dementia – especially if you're an 'older man' scientists claim

Elderly 0210 - Almost half of all older people in care homes are depressed and think condition is a 'normal part of ...

Elderly 0211 - Rapidly aging Thailand tells businesses to hire more elderly

Elderly 0212 - Moderate or severe depression linked to greater likelihood of complications in older people with

Elderly 0213 - 1.4 billion older people expected by 2030

Elderly 0214 - Healthy living 'cuts dementia risk' for older Brits

Elderly 0215 - Older people 'happiest age group'

Elderly 0216 - Age UK 'should pay back elderly consumers after recommending more expensive E.ON tariff'

Elderly 0217 - Care for older people requires 'radical' new approach, Commission says

Elderly 0218 - Loneliness 'forces older people into hospitals' and strains services, say senior doctors

Elderly 0219 - Over four million elderly worried about home heating costs

Elderly 0220 - More than a million elderly people are blighted by loneliness

Elderly 0221 - Online billing is not for everybody _ especially older people

Elderly 0222 - Older people "poorly served" by NHS says new study

Elderly 0223 - Should older drivers be tested for safety on the roads?

Elderly 0224 - Class that helps the elderly get fit

Elderly 0225 - Radical Elderly People's Housing Coming To London With An Anti_Loneliness Mission At Its Heart

Elderly 0226 - Summit to debate isolation in older people in Leeds

Elderly 0227 - Social work hero: 'I hope when I'm older I have a social worker like those in this team'

Elderly 0228 - How these mature models are flying the flag for the older generation

Elderly 0229 - Why is one older person dying every seven minutes during the winter?

Elderly 0230 - Older people becoming problem drinkers

Elderly 0231 - Barriers to arts engagement deter older people, survey finds

Elderly 0232 - Vitamin B can help boost learning and memory in older people

Elderly 0233 - Housing for older people is approved

Elderly 0234 - Call for action over older people who are turning to alcohol

Elderly 0235 - Free shoe grips for elderly residents

Elderly 0236 - Lottery funded project aims to reduce loneliness in older people living in London

Elderly 0237 - Charity for older LGBTI people has short_term future secured by £0.5million lottery cash

Elderly 0238 - Stonewall Housing to investigate how the older LGBT community live

Elderly 0239 - Don't bother being sarcastic with older people, they won't understand what you mean: Study finds ...

Elderly 0240 - Calorie cutting may help older obese people with thinking problems

Elderly 0241 - New measures to tackle substance misuse among older people in Wales

Elderly 0242 - Vitamin D supplements increase risk of falls in elderly, claim researchers

Elderly 0243 - Extra vitamin D to prevent falls 'puts elderly at greater risk'

Elderly 0244 - One fifth of older people living with diabetes as UK figures top four million

Elderly 0245 - Our forgotten army of carers need a boost if we want to help elderly and vulnerable people

Elderly 0246 - Frail older people too afraid to complain about poor care, Ombudsman report reveals