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Health 0001 - Carrie Fisher's most inspirational quotes about mental health
Health 0002 - Carrie Fisher on mental illness _ the powerful message she shared just before her death
Health 0003 - Police dealing with thousands more mental health_related crimes
Health 0004 - Carrie Fisher inspired mental health sufferers by opening up over her own struggles
Health 0005 - Health of queer male and trans sex workers put under microscope
Health 0006 - Vanderbilt granted funds to study health, economic effects of LGBT_related laws
Health 0007 - Call for review of mental health services as one in eight Fifers prescribed anti_depressants
Health 0008 - How To Approach Your Employer With A Mental Health Problem
Health 0009 - How Carrie Fisher's brutal wit and very public battles with drinking, drugs, men and mental health ...
Health 0010 - Scottish teachers take 500000 days off for mental health reasons in three years
Health 0011 - Heart and lung patients treated for mental health
Health 0012 - Teachers lose more days to mental illness
Health 0013 - Depression symptoms 'eased' by mentally reviewing quarrels
Health 0014 - Royal Stoke University Hospital lands £27k funding to support young mental health sufferers
Health 0015 - UK's first Muslim astronaut aims to put focus on mental health
Health 0016 - London's leading sexual health clinic reports 40% drop in HIV diagnoses in one year
Health 0017 - Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funds study of health, economic effects of LGBT_related laws
Health 0018 - How easy is it to get help for a mental health problem? Five different stories
Health 0019 - Fundamental rights not a bargaining chip for Brexit, says Committee
Health 0020 - Mental health stigma makes Christmas 'toughest time of year'
Health 0021 - Child abuse 'affects health decades later'
Health 0022 - ALHR slams Family First's stance on LGBTI medical services
Health 0023 - Young people urged to take care of their mental health this Christmas
Health 0024 - Bollywood challenges India's mental health taboo
Health 0025 - What are your experiences of accessing mental health services in the UK?
Health 0026 - Women denied abortions face higher risk for mental health problems
Health 0027 - We Need To Change How We Talk About Mental Health
Health 0028 - New report takes stock of fundamental rights in the EU, including LGBTI rights
Health 0029 - Tech world aims to tackle the mental health issue next
Health 0030 - It's About How We Feel Inside _ Young People's Mental Health Matters
Health 0031 - Yoga may boost physical, mental health of kids in care homes
Health 0032 - Unhappiness more likely to result from poor mental health or being single than economic factors ...
Health 0033 - Have I got depression? The signs of mental illness and how to treat it
Health 0034 - Six things all schools should consider before adding mental health lessons to the curriculum
Health 0035 - LGBT health care is beset by prejudice and may be contributing to discrimination
Health 0036 - New study reveals tackling mental health problems would 'reduce misery' more than solving poverty
Health 0037 - Loving Relationships And Good Mental Health Make Us Happier Than Money, Research Finds
Health 0038 - Burton mental health campaigner voices fears after survey reveals further funding cuts
Health 0039 - Working is good for your health
Health 0040 - Asian gay men's sexual health to be focus of community forum
Health 0041 - Pets' unconditional love helps people with mental health problems
Health 0042 - Mental Health at Work
Health 0043 - On Teen Mental Health: What You Can Do
Health 0044 - Creating a Workplace that Supports Mental Health
Health 0045 - Improving the mental health of children and young people
Health 0046 - End stigma surrounding mental health in workplace'
Health 0047 - Young homeless people 'falling through the cracks' in mental health care, charity warns
Health 0048 - Working together is key to tackling young homelessness and mental health problems'
Health 0049 - Was 2016 A Tipping Point For Mental Health?
Health 0050 - Lesbian Walmart employee settles health benefit suit
Health 0051 - Fitness showcase and striptease to raise funds for mental health
Health 0052 - Child mental health costs 'subject to postcode lottery' as west London borough's spend amongst ...
Health 0053 - Young Men And Mental Health: Challenging Stereotypes
Health 0054 - The U.K.'s Health Secretary Wants To Ban Sexting For Under_18s
Health 0055 - Prevention in mental health demands equity and justice
Health 0056 - Donald Trump appoints Obamacare's biggest opponent as Health Secretary
Health 0057 - 7 Creative Hobbies That Improve Mental Health
Health 0058 - Kids On The Edge documentary sheds light on children living with mental health issues
Health 0059 - Pregnant women and new mums in mental health funding boost
Health 0060 - Knitting, crocheting and jam_making improve mental health, study finds
Health 0061 - New Report Highlights Growing UK Support for Medical Cannabis
Health 0062 - Sexual health advocates join forces with dating apps to encourage gay men to test for HIV
Health 0063 - Young people are now having all the 'old person' medical procedures – excessive stress is ...
Health 0064 - Sexist Men More Likely To Have Poor Mental Health, Research Suggests
Health 0065 - Woman describes mental health battle after nervous breakdown
Health 0066 - Mental health campaigns must go beyond hashtags Students must face the challenge of an ...
Health 0067 - Concern over Isle of Wight mental health services
Health 0068 - Why woman_bashing is a serious health threat
Health 0069 - Cutbacks leaving LGBT people without specialist mental and sexual health support
Health 0070 - Masculine men likely to suffer mental health problems
Health 0071 - Sexist' men more likely to have mental health issues, study finds
Health 0072 - Street teams half mental health_related arrests in North East
Health 0073 - Only 37% of young people 'would talk to someone about mental illness'
Health 0074 - Healing the rifts between mental health workers and psychiatric survivors
Health 0075 - Poor mental health care is a 'stain' on our country. But whose fault is that?
Health 0076 - Health Secretaries spanning 20 years 'alarmed and dismayed' over inaction on mental health care
Health 0077 - Culture specific mental health treatment crucial
Health 0078 - Men Twice As Likely To Feel Financial Burden In Relationships, Report On Men's Mental Health ...
Health 0079 - We need action from minister on poor mental health figures
Health 0080 - An illustrator's brutally honest and witty take on living with mental illness
Health 0081 - Northern Ireland mental health targets not being met
Health 0082 - Quarter of young people seeking mental health care 'turned away by specialist services'
Health 0083 - Most GPs are 'not adequately trained in mental health issues', charity claims
Health 0084 - Being a scout or guide 'can help improve mental health in later life'
Health 0085 - More help needed for teens with mental illness' says Chard campaigner
Health 0086 - Young people deserve better mental health
Health 0087 - Mental health should be taught in schools, like numeracy
Health 0088 - School playground smoking ban in public health plan
Health 0089 - Mental Health Services in Britain's Women's Prisons Are Still a Mess
Health 0090 - Social Media And Mental Health _ So Many Windows Open But No Fresh Air
Health 0091 - Measuring pupil wellbeing won't reduce the stigma around mental health – it will do the opposite'
Health 0092 - Nearly half of employees with mental health problems have felt suicidal at work
Health 0093 - British Businesses Have A Reason To Be Concerned About Mental Health In The Workplace _ But ...
Health 0094 - Giving ex_prisoners drugs may help stop them re_offending: Mental health medication could cut ...
Health 0095 - Football tournament raises awareness of mental health
Health 0096 - Seven out of 10 musicians report mental health problems
Health 0097 - New Mental Health Survey Finds Over 70% of Musicians May Be Depressed
Health 0098 - Ending the stigma of mental health problems in older ...
Health 0099 - The Huffington Post is using video to talk to men about mental health
Health 0100 - Help Musicians UK announces results of mental health in music survey
Health 0101 - Half of new GPs do no mental health training, figures show
Health 0102 - Tanzania suspends some HIV programmes for gay men, says health minister
Health 0103 - LGBTI Sector Parliament to debate health, education and economic legislation
Health 0104 - Parents Admit Sleep Deprivation Affects Mental Health And Their Relationships
Health 0105 - 'Life changing' mental health project wins national award
Health 0106 - Youngsters with mental health conditions face 22_mile round trip for treatment
Health 0107 - Why big brands want mental_health aiders to reduce stress at work
Health 0108 - Half of teenage boys 'would not talk to their father about mental health'
Health 0109 - Address mental health in young
Health 0110 - Let's Talk About Stress: A Main Cause Of Health Problems In The UK
Health 0111 - State of unease' for those working in medical profession
Health 0112 - Let's End Taboo Over Mental Health
Health 0113 - Student mental health_care shows how the national crisis ought to be approached
Health 0114 - Universities struggling with mental health services, says report
Health 0115 - 9 out of 10 people with mental health problems 'discriminated at work'
Health 0116 - Mental health of children is a crucial concern
Health 0117 - Mental health patients face 'unacceptable mortality gap'
Health 0118 - Mental health problems are the single largest cause of UK sick leave
Health 0119 - To promote better mental health at university we need less "them" and more "us"'
Health 0120 - Mental health pilot aims to intercept potential terrorists
Health 0121 - Reality TV Star RaisesAwareness For LGBTIQ MentalHealth
Health 0122 - The impact of mental illness in professional sport
Health 0123 - Mental health problems to blame as more youngsters admitted to South Cumbria pupil referral unit
Health 0124 - Risks 'severely underestimated': Mental health trust criticised over patient killings
Health 0125 - Instagram's New Support Feature Is Keeping An Eye On Your Mental Health
Health 0126 - Hero resident at Old Colwyn mental health care home rescues elderly lady with dementia
Health 0127 - Prisons to help ex_soldiers with mental health issues
Health 0128 - I wanted to speak out about mental health but anxiety stopped me
Health 0129 - Teachers 'not prepared' for pupils' poor mental health
Health 0130 - High50 deplores ageism in the Mental Health Services…
Health 0131 - Lack of NHS talking therapies failing older people with mental health issues, Age UK
Health 0132 - Mental health education and bereavement support is key to suicide prevention
Health 0133 - Mental health services failing older people
Health 0134 - Same_sex marriage plebicite block over mental health "ridiculous" says Turnbull
Health 0135 - 7 ways to look after your mental health
Health 0136 - Helping Young People Access Mental Health Services Starts with Their Friends and Family
Health 0137 - It's Time For Universities To Face Up To Our Student Mental Health Crisis
Health 0138 - I wasn't prepared for life after coming out, and my mental health paid the price
Health 0139 - Is Social Media Damaging Young Women's Mental Health?
Health 0140 - Thousands to unite for events to promote mental health awareness
Health 0141 - Human rights are key to mental health care
Health 0142 - Irish same_sex marriage vote 'had highly detrimental impact': study
Health 0143 - Plebiscite related mental health concerns grow
Health 0144 - Anti_fracking campaigners warn their mental health is at risk
Health 0145 - Why are we still apologising for our mental health issues?
Health 0146 - Suicide rate much higher for people receiving mental health care at home
Health 0147 - Three times as many mental health patients commit suicide when receiving care at home rather ...
Health 0148 - Workers 'need more mental health support'
Health 0149 - It's time to break the mental health taboo
Health 0150 - Serious game can help reintegration from secure mental health services
Health 0151 - LGBT community with mental health problems face 'dual discrimination' say campaigners
Health 0152 - LGBT Scots with mental health issues face dual stigma
Health 0153 - Quarter of a million children receiving mental health care in England
Health 0154 - One in four young women suffering from mental health problems as 'selfie' culture heaps pressures
Health 0155 - Most over_30s 'have heart health of an older person' leaving them at risk of heart attack and stroke
Health 0156 - Bullying Can Leave Children With Mental Health Scars For Life _ We Need To Take It Seriously
Health 0157 - Why Pakistan's poor seek mental health cure at shrine
Health 0158 - Young women 'high mental health risk'
Health 0159 - 20_year_old student gives birth to healthy son after inheriting HIV from her mother
Health 0160 - Mental Health Care Is In Crisis And The Consequences Will Be Fatal
Health 0161 - The way we deal with mental health at university has to change, and quickly
Health 0162 - Mental health trust failed to protect patients at risk of suicide, report finds
Health 0163 - Young People's Mental Health: Telling a Different Story
Health 0164 - The mental health crisis at Britain's universities
Health 0165 - More than half of Scots with mental health issues and 'invisible' illnesses worry about telling people
Health 0166 - Parental debt damages children's mental health
Health 0167 - Scottish LGBTIs to expect more governmental protection from hate crime
Health 0168 - Report outlines public health benefits for marriage equality
Health 0169 - Mental health at university: If there's one thing I'd say to all freshers this year, it would be to take it ...
Health 0170 - Training in LGBTI health available to departments
Health 0171 - Mental health film series looking for LGBTI participants
Health 0172 - Family debts cause mental health problems in kids
Health 0173 - How Much Longer Will The Government's Betrayal Of Mental Health Continue?
Health 0174 - Ellie Goulding talks exhaustion, anxiety and mental health
Health 0175 - LGBTI People Alcohol and Drugs, and Mental Health
Health 0176 - Young women in Scotland 'have poorer mental health'
Health 0177 - From asylums to social media anxiety: Wellcome Collection exhibition explores mental health
Health 0178 - Suicide survivor Steve is mental health champion
Health 0179 - I'm Young, Homeless And On The Streets. I'm Feeling Suicidal And Need Mental Health Care ...
Health 0180 - Linking terrorism with mental illness fuels stigma and impedes prevention efforts, warn psychiatry ...
Health 0181 - Is Documenting The Self Worsening Mental Health?
Health 0182 - Fix mental health problem to solve resort's drug crisis', ex_addict says
Health 0183 - Doctors feel ill_equipped to support childhood mental health concerns, study reveals
Health 0184 - Rise in prisoners moved to mental health hospitals
Health 0185 - Rethinking madness: inside the world's oldest mental asylum
Health 0186 - Health warnings ahead of hottest September day in 50 years
Health 0187 - Gay community calls for respect at health facilities
Health 0188 - Labour brand child mental health waits a "national disgrace"
Health 0189 - Combat Stress mental health charity sees 71% rise in veterans seeking help
Health 0190 - Christian parent of suicide victim calls for openness over mental health
Health 0191 - Stafford teenagers raise awareness of mental health issues in a bid to stop the stigma
Health 0192 - Join Mental Health Mates for an LGBT picnic in the park
Health 0193 - 60% of children with mental health problems left waiting months for treatment
Health 0194 - Power of Young People Blog: Equal rights for all in sexual health
Health 0195 - Why do many South Asians regard mental illness as taboo?
Health 0196 - Taking mental healthcare to the homeless
Health 0197 - Mental health investment boost urged as suicides rise 19%
Health 0198 - Social media powerful tool in mental health fight
Health 0199 - Study underway into mental health in rural Scotland
Health 0200 - Study into black people's health is launched
Health 0201 - Hillary Clinton unveils comprehensive mental health plan for the US
Health 0202 - Mental health officers shortfall in Scotland 'rises to highest level'
Health 0203 - At_risk LGBTI people don't need marriage, they need mental health care
Health 0204 - Kezia Dugdale says the numbers are up for nationalist ministers on mental health
Health 0205 - Shine a light on mental health
Health 0206 - How police and medical staff are working together to keep mental health patients out of jail
Health 0207 - Female and LGBT students most likely to have a mental health...
Health 0208 - Minor childhood head injury increases chance of mental health problems, early death _ research
Health 0209 - Jonny Wilkinson talks mental health, depression and life after retirement
Health 0210 - Is social media to blame for the worsening mental health of teenage girls?
Health 0211 - WikiLeaks publishes medical files of rape victims, mental health patients and man arrested for ...
Health 0212 - Majority of UK employers don't understand impact of employee health issues
Health 0213 - Why are so many of Britain's teen girls struggling with mental health problems?
Health 0214 - UK firms upbeat over Chinese healthcare boom
Health 0215 - 63% of employers say managing employee stress and mental health is top priority
Health 0216 - Depression or anxiety strikes one in three teenage girls: Number with a mental health issue rises ...
Health 0217 - Payouts to forces veterans for mental health disorders reach record levels
Health 0218 - Mental health stigma 'helps soldiers'
Health 0219 - What Progress Has Been Made on Transforming Children and Young People's Mental Health Care?
Health 0220 - Systemic Racism Erodes Mental Health
Health 0221 - Kate Middleton will get mental health support for George and Charlotte if they need it 'as it's best ...
Health 0222 - What do you think of mental health crisis care in Manchester?
Health 0223 - Non_heterosexual students more likely to suffer mental health problems
Health 0224 - Shocking numbers of vulnerable youngsters with mental health issues treated in adult psychiatric ...
Health 0225 - One in four students suffer from mental health problems
Health 0226 - Female and LGBT students the most likely to develop mental health issues at university
Health 0227 - Volunteering in middle age good for mental health
Health 0228 - London youth arts festival challenges mental health stigma
Health 0229 - One in four university students suffer from mental health problems
Health 0230 - Volunteering helps the mental health of older people but not the young, study finds
Health 0231 - What Has Machismo Got to Do With Mental Health?
Health 0232 - 51% of employers view mental health as biggest threat to staff health
Health 0233 - Small business owners are sacrificing their physical and mental health
Health 0234 - 4 Ways to Improve the Mental Health of Your Staff
Health 0235 - Mental illness affecting more employees than ever
Health 0236 - Health and Safety Professionals Aren't Immune to Mental Health Conditions, Suicide
Health 0237 - Terrorism and mental illness aren't mutually exclusive
Health 0238 - What can the UK learn from New York's approach to mental health?
Health 0239 - Larne kids at risk of suicide are 'crying out' for mental health facility
Health 0240 - Majority of Britons 'uncomfortable' letting someone with mental illness look after their child, study finds
Health 0241 - Actor suicides prompt launch of ArtsMinds mental health website
Health 0242 - Having a head for business can point to mental health problems
Health 0243 - Mental health behind bars
Health 0244 - The World War BATTLE for Britain's health in the face of VENEREAL disease and shell shock
Health 0245 - Children with mental health problems forced to wait up to THREE YEARS for treatment
Health 0246 - Drug abuse: Call for children's secure mental health unit
Health 0247 - Mental Health at University
Health 0248 - Mental health issues among architecture students rapidly rising, survey finds
Health 0249 - The Transgender Umbrella: Not a Mental Health Issue
Health 0250 - Older people still enjoy healthy sex life after 50
Health 0251 - Prisoner correspondence beneficial for mental health
Health 0252 - Health worker who tested Prince Harry for HIV speaks about 'anxious moment' waiting for result
Health 0253 - Army secretary touts importance of mental health
Health 0254 - We need to rethink the relationship between mental health and political violence
Health 0255 - Loneliness can destroy your health, whatever your age _ it should be a public health priority
Health 0256 - Brain structure changes in teens hold clue to mental health problems
Health 0257 - Prince Harry Says It Isn't Weak To Suffer 'As Long As You Talk About It', In Mental Health Appeal
Health 0258 - Improving oral health in care homes
Health 0259 - Pokemon GO' And Its Impact To Physical, Social, Mental Health
Health 0260 - Two thirds of mental health trusts in England "require improvement"
Health 0261 - Union president highlights concerns about mental health of teachers
Health 0262 - Children's mental health project extends to all York schools
Health 0263 - Health and social care are major issues for the elderly, says new research
Health 0264 - Could you be a mental health community champion?
Health 0265 - New report on state of children's mental health service released
Health 0266 - Mental health problems are just a phase, teens told
Health 0267 - UK government 'must deliver' on 25_year environmental pledge
Health 0268 - Mental health trust missed chances to help Southampton man before suicide
Health 0269 - What can mental health services learn from the automotive industry?
Health 0270 - How Two Sisters Are Fighting The Stigma Against Mental Illness
Health 0271 - LGBTI community more likely to suffer from mental illness
Health 0272 - Poor health and social integration denies elderly of personalised and effective care
Health 0273 - Why the voices of young people on mental health must be heard
Health 0274 - Psychologists and Psychiatrists Approach Mental Health Differently
Health 0275 - Mental health _ a common intruder
Health 0276 - Pokemon Go players say game is helping their mental health
Health 0277 - Is theatre doing enough to protect workers' mental health?
Health 0278 - Lily Allen reveals she's having anger management therapy as she opens up about mental health
Health 0279 - Pokemon Go is having a huge positive impact on mental health
Health 0280 - Transgender people can now change passports without medical evidence
Health 0281 - Stress puts London workers' mental health at risk
Health 0282 - Govt gambled with troops' mental health – Chilcot
Health 0283 - UK's social security needs a 'fundamental rethink'
Health 0284 - Would Online Therapy Help Us Cope With the Current Mental Health Crisis
Health 0285 - Hundreds respond to survey on mental health ward future
Health 0286 - Children battling mental health problems refused treatments due to NHS cuts
Health 0287 - Two_thirds of GP referrals for child mental health lead to no treatment
Health 0288 - Councillor wins unanimous support for student mental health task group proposal
Health 0289 - Lifeline unit for vulnerable young people with mental health issues opens in Leeds
Health 0290 - Love 'exaggerating mental illness to avoid extradition', court hears
Health 0291 - We Could Learn A Thing Or Two About Mental Health From The Comedy Industry
Health 0292 - Evening of medical talks about Powick Hospital's pioneering mental health treatments
Health 0293 - Young people 'will fight for environmental protections'
Health 0294 - We asked university students how they deal with mental health issues
Health 0295 - Mental health 'one of biggest financial problems affecting UK'
Health 0296 - We must overcome the stigma of talking about mental illness
Health 0297 - Grey power _ how old people can stay stronger and healthier
Health 0298 - Delay in dementia diagnosis puts older people's health at risk, warns study
Health 0299 - Lesbian woman sues Chinese education ministry over claim homosexuality is a 'mental disorder'
Health 0300 - Nurses warn public services funding cuts risk people's health
Health 0301 - Mental health issues among UK Armed Forces rise 78 per cent in eight years
Health 0302 - Half A Million Older Men Are Lonely And It's Harming Their Health, Charity Warns
Health 0303 - UK health expert says parents should be given lessons on raising children
Health 0304 - What Mental Illness Looks Like
Health 0305 - Mental health services missed chances to save suicidal teenager, coroner rules
Health 0306 - Parents need lessons for children's mental health'
Health 0307 - We need to talk about LGBT mental health, right now
Health 0308 - People with mental health problems tend to spend more when they're unwell
Health 0309 - Government should give parenting lessons, says public health expert
Health 0310 - Homelessness and mental ill health can affect any one of us
Health 0311 - Orlando shooting: LGBT community seeking help to come out, says mental health counsellor
Health 0312 - Report examines 'toxic' relationship between mental health and personal finances
Health 0313 - Stalking Your Ex On Facebook Is Bad For Your Mental Health
Health 0314 - NHS child mental health plans 'failing abused or neglected youngsters'
Health 0315 - Terminally ill LGBT people delay seeking help because of health service fears
Health 0316 - What service users want to change in mental health policy
Health 0317 - The Department of Health has assessed loneliness is as damaging as smoking 15 cigarettes a day
Health 0318 - Teachers 'are punishing children with mental health issues'
Health 0319 - Children With Mental Health Problems Need Help Now, Not in Ten Years' Time
Health 0320 - Awareness raised around mental health for Surrey veterans
Health 0321 - Family of man stabbed to death by schizophrenic vow to expose mental health failings
Health 0322 - Christian Fundamentalist Schools Teaching Extreme Ideology'
Health 0323 - Children And Young People With Mental Health Difficulties Wait 10 Years For Treatment
Health 0324 - Decade of delay' for children with mental health issues
Health 0325 - Plymouth's children's services support first Infant Mental Health Awareness Week
Health 0326 - Understanding LGBT Mental Health
Health 0327 - Christian fundamentalist schools are teaching girls they must obey men
Health 0328 - How Babbling And Playing Can Help Nurture Your Baby's Mental ...
Health 0329 - Citizenship rights, discrimination and stigmatisation of LGBTI students by health care services at a ...
Health 0330 - How many more must die?' Mental Health campaigners ask tough questions as friends mourn Alan ...
Health 0331 - How Self_Employment Can Impact Your Mental Health
Health 0332 - Better_trained doctors would improve healthcare for trans youths
Health 0333 - Denmark removes transgender from list of mental illness
Health 0334 - Walk a Mile for mental health
Health 0335 - Would You Be Allowed to Have a Mental Health Problem?
Health 0336 - Children face 'scandalous' wait in mental heath 'Russian roulette'
Health 0337 - Children 'denied mental health support'
Health 0338 - Children being 'failed' by mental health services
Health 0339 - Vulnerable refugees 'barred' from health services
Health 0340 - More Than A Quarter Of Children Referred For Mental Health Support Being Turned Away ...
Health 0341 - Suicidal children turned away in 'Russian roulette' mental health service
Health 0342 - This Is Why Black British Men Are Afraid Of Speaking About Their Mental Health
Health 0343 - Leading medical expert criticised for saying victims of domestic violence should be told not to get ...
Health 0344 - Tackling the stigma of mental health issues
Health 0345 - Why Christian and Muslim fundamentalists actually aren't enemies
Health 0346 - Free mental healthcare screening advocated for the workplace
Health 0347 - New mental health training programme for people working with children
Health 0348 - Breaking the mental health taboo
Health 0349 - More mental health patients sent hundreds of miles for care due to local bed shortages
Health 0350 - How one area's mental health teams are tackling the 'scandal' of out of area care
Health 0351 - The science of why exercise and diet are the cornerstone of good mental health
Health 0352 - I'm committed to improving mental health services in London
Health 0353 - 11 inspiring LGBTI celebrities who have battled depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses
Health 0354 - Surge in teenagers self_poisoning renews mental health concerns
Health 0355 - Working environment having a negative effect on employee mental health
Health 0356 - UNAIDS calls for full and complete access to quality health care, including mental health care, for ...
Health 0357 - These messages left by LGBTI veterans of mental health might just be the hope that saves lives
Health 0358 - Life begins at 76' Healthier lives mean Britons don't feel old until their 70s
Health 0359 - Latest figures show 80 per cent drop in mental health act custody detentions
Health 0360 - Vulnerable children and people with mental health problems will receive greater support _ pledges ...
Health 0361 - Survey: 8 in 10 firms say mental health increasingly important
Health 0362 - Dangerous and dilapidated' school buildings damaging to pupils' health and performance
Health 0363 - The campus mental_health myth
Health 0364 - How urban living affects children's mental health
Health 0365 - Mental health funding stagnant across half of NHS trusts, study finds
Health 0366 - Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and The Hunger Games can cause mental illness in children ...
Health 0367 - Are YOU being excluded by health services? Dying man 'ignored' because he was QUIET
Health 0368 - Mental health benefits more likely to come from blue sea views than green forests, say experts
Health 0369 - The mental health crisis is bad __ and here's how the UK is handling it
Health 0370 - University releases shocking mental health report after student pressure
Health 0371 - Children in care miss out on mental_health treatment, say MPs
Health 0372 - Ex_schools mental_health champion criticises axing of role
Health 0373 - Malawian Gays Face Homophobia At Public Health Facilities
Health 0374 - Government mental health champion axed after criticising school testing
Health 0375 - Schools mental_health champion has job axed
Health 0376 - Six things to change in community healthcare for older people
Health 0377 - Poverty grows, health declines among UK children
Health 0378 - Power of media can help aid mental health understanding,' says Cambridgeshire expert
Health 0379 - Youngsters with eating disorders set to benefit from appointments of new mental health specialists
Health 0380 - Paul Gascoigne describes his nephew's battle with mental health and addiction after his death
Health 0381 - 9 Ways To Keep Your Liver Happy And Healthy
Health 0382 - New study shows a glass or two of wine with dinner is good for your health
Health 0383 - The mental health benefits of living by the seaside
Health 0384 - The motorway model of mental health risks
Health 0385 - New counselling and mental health service opens in York
Health 0386 - Depression can be contagious for the elderly, Yale School of Public Health says
Health 0387 - Bullied Children Need Support Not Anti_Depressants, Mental Health Campaigner Warns
Health 0388 - Britain's child mental health crisis is spiralling out of control'
Health 0389 - Children in care 'too often denied mental health treatment'
Health 0390 - Child Mental Health Services 'Turning Away Vulnerable Young Adults'
Health 0391 - Does More Harm Than Good And Leads To Mental Health Problems', Study ...
Health 0392 - Smacking children makes them more likely to have mental health problems when they grow up ...
Health 0393 - Doctors look after our mental health but who looks after theirs?
Health 0394 - Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince Harry talk about the importance of mental health in this ...
Health 0395 - How Prescribing Books Can Give Teenagers Better Mental Health
Health 0396 - Nepal earthquake trauma victims fight prejudice to improve mental health
Health 0397 - Multiple social and health factors associated with irregular attendance at London HIV clinics
Health 0398 - New child mental health support service launched
Health 0399 - Pre_drinking amongst middle_aged adults causes serious health risk
Health 0400 - One in 10 Scottish kids suffering from mental health problems
Health 0401 - How big data is helping us understand mental illness
Health 0402 - Mental health issues still a stigma in workplace, survey finds
Health 0403 - Training is key to combatting mental health stigma
Health 0404 - Feeling Low? Psychologists Share Tips On How To Be Mentally Healthy
Health 0405 - Two new therapists to help people with mental health issues
Health 0406 - How technology can help solve our mental health crisis
Health 0407 - How Social Media Is Helping Eliminate Stigma Surrounding Mental Health And Bring People ...
Health 0408 - Nearly a quarter of people are afraid to talk about mental health problem at work
Health 0409 - Super_gonorrhea' is new health concern for British gay men
Health 0410 - Why Potter is better than Prozac for teens with mental health issues
Health 0411 - UK's Poorest Kids Bottom Of Healthy Eating Table
Health 0412 - Women who wait found to have healthier and better_educated children
Health 0413 - Better mental health treatment would boost nations' economies: WHO
Health 0414 - Mental health patients wait 'years' for treatment
Health 0415 - More than eight in 10 doctors in England suffer symptoms of mental illness
Health 0416 - Young Irish people take action to highlight Ireland's chronic mental health issues
Health 0417 - 50 million years of work could be lost to mental illness by 2030, says World Health Organisation ...
Health 0418 - Why pay rises are good for our health as well as pockets: More money for low earners 'is as good
Health 0419 - A Prescription for Mental Health
Health 0420 - Tragedy as nine young people died while patients in mental health units
Health 0421 - As a Nation, We Have a Short_Sighted Approach to Children's Mental Health
Health 0422 - Has your child been left waiting to see a mental health specialist? New investigation finds some ...
Health 0423 - Mental Health Specialist Support Denied To Almost A Quarter Of Young People And Children
Health 0424 - Concerns over reporting of deaths of youngsters in mental health units
Health 0425 - The diary of a teenager who died in the mental health system
Health 0426 - Young People Mental Health Patient Deaths Not Properly Recorded, Charity Finds
Health 0427 - Health care's response to LGBT community is improving, but still has a ways to go, doctors say
Health 0428 - 8 ways to protect your mental health from modern technology
Health 0429 - 67% concerned about mental health in the workplace
Health 0430 - Mental health sector aims to be more inclusive
Health 0431 - Shatter the stigma on World Health Day
Health 0432 - One in two people with mental health problems have felt suicidal because of money, housing or
Health 0433 - Research claims social media could be damaging our mental health
Health 0434 - Eating disorder patients can wait almost six months for mental health treatment, shock figures show
Health 0435 - Almost two_thirds of mental health sufferers did not admit problem to employer
Health 0436 - Two_thirds don't admit mental health problems to their boss
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